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From Indiana to Florida, and many states in between, we manage hotels across various dynamic markets. Learn more about them below.


A state full of southern hospitality, sweet tea, football, and outdoor recreation, Alabama is rich in personality and history. Over the years it has grown with bigger metro cities, aerospace and technology centers, and automobile manufacturing.


The perfect destination for fun, sand, and sun, Florida is an international travel hub with beautiful beaches and breathtaking theme parks. This tropical state also features major corporate headquarters, college and universities, and successful sports teams.


Located in the heart of the South, Georgia has become a major destination for travelers. Georgia is filled with breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural history, and extremely friendly people. It’s also home to many major sporting events, incredible golfing, and the Port Cities.


Known as the sports capital of the world, Indiana is home to many sports teams including the Colts, the Pacers, and of course the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is also a thriving state with many major universities, rising restaurants, and growing medical systems.


A state known for its bourbon, fried chicken, and horse racing, Kentucky is a vibrant place. This equestrian capital also has historic state parks, major universities, many automobile and tobacco manufacturing plants, and is big on baseball—being home to Louisville slugger baseball bats.

South Carolina

With some of the best beaches and golfing destinations in the United States, South Carolina is a true vacation destination. It is also a state filled with major industrial manufacturing plants, rising technology, automobile manufacturing, and major universities.


Most well known for its country music and whiskey, Tennessee is so much more. This beautiful state is filled with outdoor recreation, major universities, great medical programs, incredible football teams, agriculture opportunities as far as the eye can see, and of course a rich history.